Being a mommy…it’s not the only reason I’m tired 24/7

After becoming a mom everyone and their mother told me I would be tired forever.



That didn’t sound fun but I dealt with it because I loved my baby…fast forward to 8.5 years later and 2 more kids later and I’m more tired than ever!

I always chalked it up to the sleepless nights. People would tell me I need a sleep study for sleep apnea. (Which I did but the test was inconclusive and I didn’t want to do it again!)

Finally, I contacted my doctor for some blood work to figure out what is wrong with me.

My youngest is now 14mo old and I’m getting a little more sleep; although, by 11am I am falling asleep while playing with my kids. This is not right. I should not be this tired.

There were times I napped while the little was napping that the older kids would wake me from a nap to ask me a question…I started falling asleep in the middle of my sentences.

I could NOT stay awake. I did this several times to my son, even when just relaxing in my recliner. I was so tired I physically could not keep my eyes open.

I kept thinking “Stay awake! Open your eyes! Why can’t I form a coherent sentence? Why does it sound like my speech is slurred? I know I haven’t had any wine yet!”

I’m still working with my doctor to figure out a bigger picture, but in the mean time she is treating me for iron-deficiency. Which causes chronic fatigue. It’s hard to explain what this type of tired is to people who are just tired from a late night. It’s hard to explain it to people who are not suffering from iron-deficiency/chronic fatigue.

When I say “I’m tired.” I’m not saying…”Gosh I had a late night, I’d really like to take a power nap and be good for the rest of the day.”

It’s me saying: “I literally can’t keep my eyes open anymore. I am going to endanger myself or someone else if I don’t sit down or go lay down right now because I might fall asleep and fall over.”

I have to FIGHT these sleepy spells. I splash water in my face, do jumping jacks, sing at the top of my lungs while clapping. Anything to try and get my blood pumping and catch that second wind.

Sometimes most times I lose. :/ It’s hard when I know my children need me or want me to read them a book or sing them a song and I physically can’t.

I’m learning to take pro-active steps everyday. Most days I forget, but some days I’m really good at taking my iron supplements/vitamins/walking. Reminding myself that I feel better, even for a little bit, after doing my daily morning routine helps to motivate me to continue with it.

Hopefully this phase of my life will pass soon. In the mean time, I will continue to just keep swimming.


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