A Family Trip

This past weekend we went on a last minute trip with my husband. He had a job interview in a small town about 3-4 hours away.

The drive was beautiful…and adventurous with three kiddos! We stopped several times and slowed down on the windy roads because the kids were getting carsick; the baby actually did get sick. We were also not expecting to see snow! So we stopped a few times to rest the little tummies.❄️

Things really got interesting when we stopped for lunch. Everyone was off for a potty break and I was tending to G-man who was sitting in the passenger seat while I stood outside of the truck. Then someone in a HUGE truck just had to park next to us, even though there were a billion spaces available. So I shut my door and went to the sidewalk…so that they wouldn’t hit me or the door! In the two seconds it took for me to get back to the door, G-man had locked himself in! My husband didn’t tell me he left the keys in the ignition after he turned the truck off!! Andy went inside the store and used their phone (both of ours was locked in the truck) to get AAA to help us. Fifteen minutes later G-man finally figured out how to push the unlock button. He was having a blast teasing us!

We weren’t expecting snow! So we all got hats and gloves. The kids had a blast in the snow and exploring this tiny town of 17,000 (including the inmates, so more like 11,000 residence.) It would be quite a change for us…going from a city of over 500,000 people will likely be a welcomed culture shock!

Once we got settled in on Sunday, we had dinner and relaxed in the hotel room. We were all too tired from the drive to do much of anything else. Monday morning we got ready for the day and went and explored our potential new home. One really great park we came across was Susanville Ranch Park. The older kids and I had a blast while Daddy and G-man stayed in the warm truck. There was an old brick building that had stairs to nowhere…Eli loved this part! Bugging me to explore more, I finally agreed. We ended up walking through tall reeds, finding a stream, a bridge, and a picnic bench where E-man promptly said “We can do our school work here!”.

C-girl and I explored Uptown (which is just the hill part of their one main street, ha!). We found a few antique shops, book stores, and our favorite…a little shop filled with Christmas decorations!!  The shop owner and I started chatting and I was glad to find out that there is a huge homeschooling community there.

Later that day we were able to meet with some sweet friends that we haven’t seen in a few years. They have a beautiful home on 60 acres! We had some spaghetti, wine, coffee, and great conversation.

We are praying and hoping that he gets this job…the kids would love to roam and explore nature…instead of the concrete jungle.


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