G-man’s Excisional Biopsy

gmanwaitingG-man had surgery yesterday. (read here for back story: When Our Children Are Sick.) We had to be at the hospital at 8:30 am. We didn’t find out later that his surgery wasn’t until 9:50  am. I was worried at this point. I had a hungry baby that was asking to nurse every once in a while…which was heart breaking. Aside from this, he did surprisingly well waiting! There was a cute little play room that we were able to wait in. Instead of the boring, sardine packed adult surgery waiting room.

We were soon called back to the pre-op area (where they gave him a bear!)


We were met with very friendly nurses and doctors. We were then visited by his ENT doctor who was very reassuring that the surgery is a simple one. I feel comfortable with him as we have an established relationship as he is also our older son’s cleft lip/palate surgeon.

The second doctor who saw us was the gmanleavinganesthesiologist. He was very friendly and great with G-man. He did look familiar though; I knew I had seen him somewhere before but I just couldn’t pin point it so i didn’t say anything. Andy did speak up though and asked him if he got told that he looked like Mike Rowe! It immediately clicked in my brain that it was the show Dirty Jobs I had recognized him from. He laughed and said that he got comments all of the time. After chatting for a bit he ordered some relaxation medicine for G-man so that the would easily go with him to the OR. It was heart wrenching watching the anesthesiologist walk with him to the OR.

From the time he left my arms, to the time we were by his side again was a little over an hour. The wait really wasn’t that bad. My husband had a prescription filled at this facility (one we don’t normally visit); so that took the first 20 minutes or so. We then headed to the cafeteria to grab a bite to eat. By the time i was finished with my sandwich the ENT doctor was calling me. I ended up missing the call because my phone wouldn’t recognize that I was swiping to answer! He left a very nice voicemail that everything went well and that he did has “a lot of swollen lymph nodes and they took a few to send to pathology.” He couldn’t stick around as he had to head back to his regular facility. He took time out of his normal clinic day to come do Grayson’s surgery on a day that he normally doesn’t do surgeries! So, after listening to the voicemail, my husband and I quickly head back to the waiting room to be reunited with out sweet baby.

Our oldest son was born with a cleft lip and palate. In his 8.5 years he has had 7 surgeries. I thought I was used to the whole surgery process. I’ve gone through it all before. (with my oldest son and my husband) The one thing I forgot was how babies look when they are still in the deep dream state of anesthesia after surgery.

Our little mister doesn’t normally just lay on his back like this:



I admit there was a moment that had to catch my breath because he looked so lifeless. That was a little irrational as the doctor had just spoken to me about how well he did. I pray that I never have to see Grayson like that again.


I am so thankful that he has bounced back to his normal self quickly! The pain of this minor surgery will quickly fade from his memory; unfortunately the worry that comes with awaiting test results will remain with me for 1-2 more weeks.



3 thoughts on “G-man’s Excisional Biopsy

  1. You all are in my thoughts every single day….I am so dearly praying for good results and special strength and comfort for you! (((Hugs))) I am really feeling for you right now!


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